What Skills Are Needed by a Commercial Building Surveying Pro?

If you need to hire a commercial building surveying professional, you’ll want to be sure that you hire someone with a multitude of skills. This is a profession that requires a set of qualifications and experience related to the building and construction industry as well as to business in general. The surveyor needs to be well versed in multiple areas in order to work on your behalf. Read on for tips and advice related to skills you’ll want to ensure your surveyor possesses.


Anyone in the surveying industry — whether it’s residential surveys or commercial building surveying, needs training. In the United Kingdom, that individual will also need to possess membership with the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. By working with someone with this accreditation, you can be sure that you’re working with someone with the right set of skills.

In order to become a member of the RICS in the UK, there are several routes, including training and adaptation. Training can be acquired through formal schooling and adaptation happens when someone has sufficient experience to be considered skilled in the field of surveying.


Hiring a surveyor fresh out of training is something that a lot of companies won’t do for commercial surveys unless that recently graduated individual is working under the guidance of a skilled and experienced surveying company.

Most people who want commercial surveying expertise will go to an expert with many years of experience. Many new surveyors will work with others to gain experience so that they can go on to do their own contracts later on. Experience assures clients that the consultant has adequate skills and knowledge, particularly with consulting and planning on high profile or extensive renovation or restoration projects. Because this profession encompasses many areas of safety and risk assessment, experience is considered essential for most people looking for a commercial survey.

People Skills

A commercial surveyor has to do more than measure and analyse a commercial location. That person needs to be able to communicate effectively, especially when action is required to protect people or to correct problems that could pose safety risks. When looking at your options, being comfortable and able to communicate with the consultant will make the job easier.

Organisational Skills

Strong organisational skills are definitely an asset when dealing with a large or complex building or project. Where commercial scenarios are in progress there are often deadlines and money involved. Strong organisational skills will assure you that your surveyor is going to be effective at helping you meet your goals.

Commercial Buildings

Commerce has a very important part in our society. It is thanks to the developments in modern commerce that children in Europe and America have the privilege of eating previously exotic and foreign foods, such as bananas and chocolate. In the space of 24 hours fresh fruit can be transported from the farthest corners of Africa to the homes of people living thousands of miles away. Yet people seldom notice this. What they know they have to do, is just go to the nearest commercial building of their preference and choice, choose their product, buy it and be on their way home again.

Commercial buildings, like all buildings need to be safe. In today’s world however, not only do they need to be safe, but they also need to be inviting and welcoming. For there surely is no lack in commercial buildings and every seller wants the buyer to enter his. Our society is a society of consumers. It is driven by consumers, we are used to buy and buy and even buy some more. Social status is sometimes even defined by how much someone has bought. Even though this consumerism is criticized by many loud voices, nobody raises his or her voice to complain about the fact that we are able to buy seasonal products, such as fruit, during virtually all of the year. To blame consumerism for all our problems may be easy, but giving up the all the convenience and pleasures that come with it is not that simple.

Neither is making African bananas available to the average American family a simple process. Entrepreneurs face lots of challenges before they can get bananas on your table. Not only products such as fruit have to be stored under strict rules and in special conditions: all commercial products have to be stored in a way to fit their special needs.

People who are seeking to build commercial buildings have to confront many other problems, even before the building is built. Most buildings are expensive, come hand in hand with exorbitant construction prices and are made out of weak and flammable materials. On top of that many times the cheaper constructions that come from foreign countries are of dubious quality, and costumer support with such a company can be a terrible hassle. Businessmen need safe metal buildings, buildings that are made by a national company, buildings that can be easily adaptable and are easy enough to build so that anyone with minimal building experience can build it, all this for a reasonable price.

Essential Tips You Must Know Before Buying Commercial Building Insurance

Commercial building insurance policies cover many different types of structures, functions, and businesses. These include but are not limited to medical centers, offices, restaurants, schools, and hospitals. This form of insurance has been created to cover any place that is considered non-residential. This means that buildings are covered under the assumption that they will be used for overall business and profit.

There is a lot involved when it comes to buying commercial building insurance. Before purchasing a policy, people should gain all the knowledge they can in order to make the best possible decision. Commercial building insurance covers a very broad spectrum.

Many commercial building insurance policies only cover the actual building structure. There are policies that will cover equipment, furniture, and any inventory that resides within the buildings themselves. Many people get a policy that helps protect them in the event that an injury or death occurs within a building or on the property in which it resides.

There are many different commercial building insurance policies available to suit the different needs of businesses. It is important to learn about all the options available to you before making a policy choice. There are two main types of insurance coverage. These are all-risk policies and named-peril policies.

When a person needs coverage for property in the event of specific hazards occurring, they will want to choose a named-peril policy. People will be able to choose what is covered under this policy based on what is placed within the contract. All-risk commercial insurance policies cover all hazards other than any situation that is listed in the policy. This type of insurance is geared toward businesses.

It is very easy to shop for insurance online and offline in order to find the perfect policy to meet your needs. In order to make sure commercial buildings are fully protected, one should find an insurance company that is reputable and has the ability to practice with integrity. Being protected goes beyond the insurance policy and contract itself.

A business and its contents are very invaluable to the people who own and run it. It is because of this that commercial building insurance is a must have in order to protect all assets. Insurance quotes and information can be easily found online.