Commercial Buildings – The New Environment Friendly Trends

The industry of commercial buildings has been evolving to become more and more environment friendly, consuming less and less energy and being more and more efficient. Construction companies are adopting higher standards for energy efficiency, for enhanced sustainability, and other approaches which conform to the global needs for more green attitudes. The sector of green building is expanding, and the trend is going to remain and expand.

The new factors by which modern building companies abide when both commercial and residential buildings are built is greater transparency and declaring of the use of environmental products. Furthermore, commercial building developers are adopting more and more Zero Net Energy designs. There is also a strong trend towards the use of alternative energy sources. The last factor is especially important when companies think of economies, as a result of lowering of utility costs. Generation of own electricity is another advantage which is based on the use of alternative energy sources. Solar power is available widely, it is free and clean energy, and it is increasingly used to power the heating, ventilation and air conditioning of commercial and residential buildings. That energy can also be used for lighting. The ensuing result is the lowering of electric costs by substantial amounts, and another benefit is the positive impact on the environment. There are sun sourced commercial energy systems which are directly integrated with solar power, and they provide SEER which reaches 34 and over.

When it is estimated that heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems account for about half of the total energy use of a commercial or residential building, it is clear that when greener approaches are adopted towards the operation of such systems, that will make a great difference for the environment. Companies are manufacturing commercial heating, ventilation and air conditioning units which are not only in conformity with modern standards for efficiency, but they also come with features that can enhance overall comfort and on the other hand significantly reduce the electricity costs of a building. A feature of that type is the MSAV, or multi stage air volume, supply fan technology.

The prime issues for green building operation are the conservation of energy and the quality of the indoor air. They are related to the design of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning design. While in the beginning it can be complex and costly to install such systems, in the long term there are a lot of opportunities provided by green buildings with modern environment friendly heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

It should be remembered that commercial HVAC systems are not just a group of items of mechanical equipment. They are also systems that are important for commercial and residential buildings and form part and parcel of them. To ensure the most environment friendly operation, HVAC systems should take into consideration the local climate and the local building designs. An important difference in favour of green commercial and residential buildings is the availability of smaller heating and cooling equipment units which are less complicated, cheaper, and more efficient.