Buying, Selling or Renovating a Property Will Require the Services of a Commercial Building Surveyor

Whether you have landlord issues or plan to buy, sell or renovate a property in the UK, the services of a commercial building surveyor might be necessary. You should hire a surveyor with professional training and accreditation through the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. Hiring an individual with accreditation means that they will understand the governmental regulations that have to be followed when surveying your property.

What Surveying May Entail

If you are unsure of what a commercial building surveyor even does, you can rest assured they are well versed in a variety of building, demolition and compliance issues. Surveyors may be required for the inspection of a property in addition to proper measurement of said property to establish or confirm delineated boundaries. Analysis of the measurements, recommendations for property safety and asset protection are common for surveyor services as are recommendations for compliant additions, renovations or removal of property facets.

Do you know whether you will even need the services of a surveyor? Here are a few every day reasons why their services might be needed:

Assessing the Value of a Property

If you are in the market for new commercial property or you want a value of a property you already own, a commercial surveyor can help. Applying for financing of new construction on a property may require the need for surveying services. Assessing damages to a property from tenant destruction or even natural acts such as storms or fire also may require surveying services.

Disputes with Tenants or Landlords

You could be a commercial tenant with a filed complaint with a landlord or you could be a landlord dealing with the mess a tenant left behind. Either scenario could use a commercial building surveyor to deal with disputes such as improper maintenance of the property or unsafe additions. As a tenant, you could get a surveying report to prove your landlord has not lived up to the terms of your lease or even governmental safety requirements. As a landlord, you could use a surveyor’s report to prove that a tenant is overly destructive of a property as grounds to evict them.

Renovation and Construction Planning

If you are a property owner and plan to make significant changes to the land or buildings on the property, you will likely be required to obtain survey reports to appease existing tenants as well as to attain approval of governmental agencies for building, restoration or reconstruction. Risk assessments can also be performed on a property undergoing changes as well.

The bottom line is that whenever any major changes to a property are forthcoming, you need a quality assessment for all parties involved. A commercial building surveyor is the professional you should hire whether you need value or risk assessment or planning for construction, renovation or remodeling.